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By Thapedi Seboka

The ongoing political circus within Dr JS Moroka Municipality is a cause for concern and it must be dealt with without any element of nursing an ego. To start with, the ongoing circus is not informed by the willingness and commitment to deliver services to our people and transform our living conditions for the better but greed, ego, selfishness and uncontrollable ambition for abnormal power that Hlaudi Motsoeneng once unpacked during his myopic era in the South African Broadcasting Commission.

Perhaps were dealing with educated Hlaudi characters.

Throughout the engagement with various leaders within Moroka, I have concluded that Dr JS Moroka Municipality leadership collective suffers from “Politics of Nkubula”, that is contagious and brutal, that has since destroyed my branch, Ward 25.

Both clique within Moroka has one thing in common, access to Municipal resources to satisfy their personal greed forgetting that leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still, we witnessed individuals in their wisdom, in my view in their lack of wisdom supporting misplaced forces and in the process holding our communities at ransom, this misplaced activities were unleashed from both clique, shopping mall were closed, Nokaneng and Siyabuswa Offices were disrupted, public transport were disrupted for things that will not be beneficial to our people.

Make no mistake, there is nothing wow between Dr JS Moroka Municipality Mayor and the Municipal Manager purely because they both have no interest of our people at heart nor to stabilize its financial muscle.

KhathabanyeBafazi will put it unambiguously and say, our Mayor and Municipal Manager, same whatsapp group. She will be correct.

Prior to the intensification of Moroka circus which was rightly predicted, we were alarmed that the Municipal Manager has uncovered moria of evidence pertaining to corruption that has been unfolding in our Municipality with impunity, we were told that corruption in our Municipality will be history and people will be arrested, some of us supported MM on those basis precisely because we detest corruption and we want to see it eradicated, but to date, no case of corruption has been opened and law force agencies be furnished with corruption evidence that we were alarmed about and those implicated be arrested, but it is business as usual.

We’re only subjected to media articles that harbor corruption in our Municipality as if its a new discovery. One can only take a risky move and conclude that MM is using corruption evidence at his disposal to silence nor blackmail his [corrupt opponents] and for those corruptionists to ultimately bow before him and in the process compromise his debatable credibility and integrity.

Let me pose this question for clarity’s sake, why has MM not opened case(s) of corruption with the damning evidence at his disposal? We have Office of the Public Protector that is dynamic, we have Zondo Commission in session, he can just write to Zondo Commission and volunteer to assist the Commission with moria of evidence pertaining to Dr JS Moroka corruption, I am conscious of the fact that Zondo Commission requested documents from Dr JS Moroka including list of suppliers but that process cannot stop MM to voluntarily avail himself before the Commission.

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He will actually speed up the process. He can opt to lodge a complain with PP and hand over such damning evidence. What informs the delays in opening such case(s) from MM, if is not silencing and blackmailing monkey politics?

It is a public knowledge that Mayoral clique is not clean nor pretending to be, we know that their engaged in the business of sweeping corrupt shenanigans under the carpet, VBS can be used as frame of reference to drive the point home, the investigation in this regard is been used to put as to sleep even when there is a clear evidence that PFMA has been contravened and rendered useless. Nothing tangible will come out of Moroka VBS investigation, I am not a pessimist, this things can be predictable. But again, there is nothing wrong with pessimism, when an optimist was inventing aircraft, it is a pessimist who moved swiftly and invented a parachute.

It is unfortunate that the intervention from Lithuli House will never bear any sweet fruit purely because majority of deploys from Lithuli House have direct interest in our sub-regional politics, to them were just numbers that will be participating in the incoming ANC Provincial conference in the form of delegates. It is a known fact that both Mayor and Municipal Manager are deploys of the ANC handled by different handlers towards the incoming conference from national, province and regional level. Any ANC deployee from either domain nor provincial level will be bias in dealing with Dr JS Moroka Municipality circus that we’re subjected to. Municipal Manager remains the deployee of the ANC in Dr JS Moroka Municipality regardless of abnormal justifications we receive from Facebook leadership.

In my view that is not superior to other views, few things must materialize to revive Dr JS Moroka Municipality and position it as a vehicle for transformation in our rural communities as opposed to being a mere ATM for corruptionists that have no regard none whatsoever for those that have elected them into position of power;

  1. Remove both the Mayor and Municipal Manager, putting Moroka under administration will not be helpful at the moment, dynamics dictate for such move that I once supported.
  2. Dissolve the council.
  3. Suspend tendering system for the period of 3 years. unless there is scarcity of skills then tendering option can be entertained after vigorous process with clear scope of works and time frame.

It doesn’t require a doctorate to figure out that the removal of one clique will not be beneficial to the dejected masses of Dr JS Moroka Municipality, but will benefit the swindlers, opportunists and careerists whom are forever on the ground unleashing propaganda from both clique.

Dr JS Moroka Municipality Mayor and Municipal Manager must go, the sooner the better!

Always stand for principle, though you may stand alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that you stood firm on your principle.

Disclaimer: Page3 Online News encourage freedom of speech and healthy debates seeking to build our nation. Views expressed in this post are not those of the publication but of the columnist.


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