Former party members establish a new political home

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Disgruntled former party members say they are tired of being less prioritised by the government and political parties that only think of them when it suits their agenda.

Speaking to the co-founder and district chairperson of the new political party set to be launched in October Batho Pele Community Leaders (BPCL) Tebogo Medupi who is also a former Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) member, he says issues relating to the young people not only in the local municipality but country are being side-lined.

The 30 years Medupi says one of the reasons why there is lack of urgency to anything relating to youth is probably because of little to no youth representation in all decision making government spheres.

He says even besides youth issues, more than two decades later Dr J.S Moroka under the same political party still doesn’t know how to support nor sustain local economy which has been taken over by foreign nationals because of lack of support. As a result people end up migrating.

“The so called “Batho-Pele” principle which was adopted by the founding administration has faded away because of local Councillors who are out touch with people who voted for them, they migrate as soon as they get voted into government and only come back when they need our votes I can’t tell you when was the last time we had a meeting or briefing with our local Councillor.”

“We decided to start an organisation that is locally based and focused so as to serve and directly communicate with people who put us in empowering positions.”

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He added that for now because they are still a small and young organisation their main focus will be in Dr J.S Moroka be the voice for the young people and people in communities like Seabe, Marapyane and Greenside.

Medupe also reckons that the unemployment issue within our communities can only be solved through entrepreneurship, partnerships and reviving old local business hubs.

“We have the privilege of having excess land in our communities, people just need support.”

He says that so far the reception from few people they managed to discuss with new party with have welcomed them and vowed to give them an unconditional support. The party will be launched in Seabe, October where the constitution will also be introduced to their members.

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