Mother and Father Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Daughters 5 & 6 Years Old

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National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) welcomes the sentencing of parents in Tshwane who were sent behind bars for the rape of their two daughters, 5 and 6 years old at the Pretoria Regional Court.

They were sentenced earlier this week.

The father was sentenced to two life sentences for rape while the mother was sentenced to five years for failure to report sexual abuse.

It is said that the children were 4 and 5 years when the abuse happened.

According to reports, the matter was reported to the authorities by day care givers after noticing different behaviours from the said children, sexual behaviours towards their mates.

Upon asking them where they learnt such behavior they said that they learned from their father who sometimes drinks milk from their breast when he is thirsty.

“It is at the crisis centre where the children detailed that their father inserts his finger in their private parts and when they told their mother, she simply put ointment and scolded their father,” the NPA explained.

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