Boyfriend hacks girlfriend to death with a panga and hangs himself in Cyferskuil

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The Mabunda in Cyferskuil is devastated about the death of a 40 years old mother who was found laying on the floor lifeless in her shack.

The police were on Monday alerted about the evil ordeal when one community member heard an endless cry of a 5 years old baby unattended in a shack.

Police Spokesperson in the North West Adel Myburgh said officials broke the lock paddle upon their arrival on the scene to gain entry into the said shack where they discovered the body of the deceased.

It is said that the deceased was hacked with a panga multiple times until she died.

Later on as they were conducting further investigations on the scene they also discovered a body of the deceased’s boyfriend Paul Mahlangu hanging from the roof of a house under construction nearby.

Japie Mabunda, uncle to the deceased woman said he still can’t believe what happened and still struggling to comprehend what might have led the boyfriend to do such an evil thing.

“We knew this guy as a very humble person who was always in a good mood and positive about life in general, I have never seen him angry”

“We are left with more questions than answers as a family because it would’ve at least been a bit better if he was here so we can question him and find out why he did what he did, he is also no more unfortunately” said the uncle.

Sanco representative in the area Nki Manamela condemned the act and said that as the organisation, they believe more should be done to curb the scourge of gender based violence and men should do more self reflection.

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