A woman hides lifeless body of a boyfriend under the bed

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Police confirm an arrest of a 22 years old woman from Tshwane suspected to have a hand in the killing of her 36 years old boyfriend.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it is alleged that the 36 years old deceased is said to have passed on due to poisoning by the alleged suspect.

“After not being able to reach the deceased on his phone, a relative on the night of 18 June 2020, went to check on him at his place of residence. It is reported that the relative found his brother’s girlfriend, the suspect, at the residence while his relative’s lifeless body was found under the bed, with injuries on the upper body” said police spokesperson.

A video surfaced on twitter showing the alleged suspect being interrogated by the decreased family asking her why did she attempt to hide the corpse under the bed if had nothing to do with how he died.

In some parts of the video it also shows the woman accusing the family members of fighting her because she is South African.

She is due to appear in court on Monday.

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