Tyne Bank Gets in Partnership with Zion Christian Church

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South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s TymeBank has launched a special Zion Christian Church (ZCC) debit card which doubles up as a church membership card.

The partnership between the bank the Africa’s largest was announced earlier today.

The new Zion City Moria (ZCM) debit card kicks off via a pilot programme, which will see some members getting first dig at the benefits.

The young bank which was founded in 2015 and formerly launched in 2019 says they are adding between 110,000 and 120,00 new customers each month, according to chief executive officer Tauriq Keraan.

Taking into consideration the new partnership, the bank might find itself being the largest should the members buy into the idea as the church membership currently stands at over estimated amount of 14 million.

“Our partnership with Pick n Pay and Boxer has allowed us to grow rapidly to over one million customers in nine months since launching and we are still acquiring over 110,000 customers per month through their stores.,” said Keraan.

Members are being offered a special ZCM (Zion City Moria) card that will serve as both a membership card as well as the member’s bank card.

ZCC Leader Dr BE Lekganyane

TymeBank said it is currently working with the church’s Zetnet Mobile on ways to expand the cash-handling network beyond Pick n Pay and Boxer stores so that low-cost and accessible deposit and withdrawal services can be offered to cardholders in the more remote communities across the country.

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