Life sentence for a boyfriend who stabbed girlfriend on the neck multiple times with a knife in Mpumalanga

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Mother of Phindile Mahlangu from Mpumalanga heard gruesome testimonies in a court in Middleburg about how her daughter was stabbed multiple times on the neck by her abusive partner Titus Thabo in full view of public. 

The two, who have two children together began arguing in a bus they were travelling in, where Thabo later on during the argument took out a knife and stabbed Mahlangu several times on her neck.

To the driver and fellow commuters shock at the ordeal, the bus was then stopped and the 28 years old Thabo from Alleman Drift in the District of Thembisile Hani then dragged Mahlangu out of the bus and continued stabbing her before fleeing the scene. 

Mahlangu later succumbed to her injuries.

Appearing in court on Tuesday, Thabo pleaded not guilty and claimed self-defence, saying that Mahlangu had attacked him. 

To which Senior state advocate, Bakedi Maoke who was leading the evidence of two passengers as well as the bus driver argued differently with a backup evidence from the three witnesses. 

Their evidence was confirmed by the district surgeon who performed the post- mortem on Mahlangu. 

Heartbroken Mahlangu’s mother said in her testimony in the court that her daughter’s passing brought a heavy burden to her and her family emotionally and financially because she is now forced to be the primary caregiver of her daughter’s minor children. 

Adv Bakedi Maoke also told the court that Thabo still showed no remorse of his actions because he continued to lie in court by not telling facts of the event. 

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She emphasised that Thabo had robbed the two minor children of their role model and that would have a lasting impact on the children, praying for the imposition of life imprisonment.

It was further revealed in court that Thabo has a history of abuse because Mahlangu had applied for a protection order against him in 2016.

Presiding over the case Judge Mankge AJ also expressed shock not believing that this also took place in full view of the passengers. 

“My view is that this requires men to also stand up and fight against evil minded peers. 16 days of activism is not enough and we must work throughout the year. Women must be protected and men who behave like the accused must be shown the way and be sensitised,” she said. 
He was given life imprisonment.

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