Gloves off between former President Zuma and Zondo commission

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Former President Jacob Zuma not happy with how Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Chair Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo carries himself, he accused of him singling him out.

This is after Judge Zondo accused the former President of doing run arounds after failing to appear at the commission on dates that were given to him.

In a letter dated Monday September 28, sent by former president’s attorney Eric Mabuza, Zuma says Zondo is biased against him and is not impartial when it comes to evidence before the commission that relates to him.

He said in the letter that he plans to file a formal application that seeks to have Judge Zondo recuse himself as the commission’s chair when he submits his evidence.

“President Zuma’s conclusion that the chairperson is no longer capable of exercising an independent and impartial mind is forfeited by what he views as the unwarranted public statements made by the chairperson at the said media briefing,”

Zuma said he believed Zondo’s alleged biased stems from their strained historical personal, family and professional relations which he believes Zondo should have disclosed before accepting the appointment as the commission’s chairperson.

He also added that the manner in which Judge Zondo address the public in his submission seeks to suggest that Mr Zuma is not cooperating with the commission.

Judge Zondo has made an announcement that he has set out non-negotiable dates for the former President to appear before the commission between on 16-20 November.

But Mr Zuma has however said that he will not cooperate with the commission until the application for recusal had been filed. He pleaded with chair to not allow his personal issues with him to affect his decision making in the commission.

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