[Watch] How Foreign Nationals Gain Entrance Illegally in SA Through Beitbridge

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The debate about foreign nationals from neighboring countries who gain entrance into our country illegally is far from over.

This resurfaced again following a video that was recently shared on twitter showing Zimbabwean foreign nationals going through a fence at Beitbridge in Limpopo.

One public figure who never ran away from sharing his view on illegal immigrants is former Jo’burg Mayor Herman Mashaba who said he doesn’t understand how could South African government be careless about border gates that anyone could easily gain entrance.

The debate brought division with some saying African people should not have to obtain passport to travel in a fellow African country.

They are foreigners, thats plain English. Go to Ethopia, Botswana , etc now . You will be regarded as a foreigner. Leave our South African whites, most of them are the pillar between starvation and survival for most families

Sabelo200BC twitter

You can’t really budget I you don’t have an idea of how many people you are housing people must drink water use sanitation eat get access to health care so when they come illegally you don’t know how how much are you putting where

_morare twitter

Only on Thursday, it was confirmed that 16 illegal immigrants had been detained after making their way to Musina, Limpopo. A further 54 undocumented people were arrested further down the road.

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