EFF calls for closure of Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa amid allegations of human rights violations

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Videos and pictures of alleged human rights violations happening Zimbabwe that have surfaced on social media have sparked outrage with many people calling for African Union (AU) and SADC to act decisively.

The matter has also seen the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) calling for the closure of the Zimbabwe Embassy in South Africa until the matter is resolved.

The party started lashing out on the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangangwa when he said that all white farmers who were dispossessed of their farms during the Robert Mugabe era will get their farms back and receive compensation.

Zimbabwean government then hit back at the party and demanding that they stay out of their politics and focus on their own politics.

They accused the party of claiming to know more of Zimbabwe than the Zimbabwean government.

The EFF said that of the embassy is closed they will make sure that Mnangangwa gets no peace every time he is in South Africa.

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