Eskom Set to Implement Stage 2 Load Shedding

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Not a good foot to start new year on at Eskom as they are set to implement load shedding due to alleged constraints in the utility.

It was only less than a month ago when the power utility was ordered by President Cyril Ramaphosa who cut his trip short in Egypt, a team in Eskom to prioritize making sure there is no load shedding.

The team went as far as not taking time off during festive season to regroup and come up with solutions.

It was with some challenges as we saw conveyor belt Medupi power station burning, causing a strain on the grid.

They however announced that the conveyor has since been fixed but the damage at the time led to a loss of units that needs to be generated.

They announced earlier today that they are forced to introduce stage 2 load shedding that will continue until Monday morning at around 5am.

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