[Watch] ANC Chief Whip swearing at residents looking for water calling them uncircumcised boys

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The African National Congress (ANC) is said to have recalled Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality chief whip councillor Lindelwa Penisi who was caught on video swearing at a group of people standing in an open field with water buckets.

In a video that have been circulating on social media Penisi is heard calling people names and swearing.

Lindelwa Penisi
Councillor Lindelwa Penisi

“I don’t care, you can call all those who voted for me. Go ahead, you piece of sh**. Hey you, you don’t have a right to say anything because you never voted for me. F**k you, you uncircumcised boy. Go get circumcised. I am not scared of you. You can go ahead if you like and hire a water tanker from your own pocket. Do it, I don’t give a damn” she said.

Warning the video below of have graphic content!!

Apparently Penisi was furious because the water tank did not go where she wanted it to go.

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