Race for the Johannesburg Mayor Intensifies as Three Big Political Parties Raise their Hands for the Sit

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City of Johannesburg set to be highly contested metro municipality this coming week since the resignation of the Democratic Alliance (DA) mayor Herman Mashaba who announced his departure from the municipality last month.

The municipality which was ran by the DA through a shared vote between the DA and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for the past two and half years is now up for grabs with all major political parties raising their hands for availability.

Although the municipality was ran by the DA through a help from the EFF, the EFF says they also want the opportunity to show that they can run a municipality.
The African National Congress have also raised their saying they want the municipality back after being voted out in the last local elections in 2016.

The EFF has since said in the past that they were not yet ready to run a municipality and they also wanted to run a municipality through an outright majority vote by the people, the party’s leader have changed the tone saying they also want to show people that they can be trusted.

Mashaba announced his resignation from the Democratic Alliance last month. Mashaba made the announcement after Helen Zille was named as the DA’s Federal Council chair in October.

He added that the party have turned into a totally different party from the one he initially joined.

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