Dpt of Health set to Meet with ZCC Leadership ahead of Easter Gathering on Covid-19 Discussions

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Government is set to meet with the leadership of the biggest church in Southern Africa Zion Christian Church ahead of easter gathering to discuss its congregants safety concerning the spread of covid-19.

While there hasn’t been any official statement from the church’s headquarters, it seems like there are no changes regarding annual easter gathering in Limpopo everything will continue as usual. This also includes and other churches.

Health minister said earlier today in a short briefing in Polokwane that they are yet to make thorough engagements with the church leadership on how to best avoid any possible spread of the virus.

This is also taking into consideration that number of visitors the church usually gets from abroad, in countries try such as Germany, England, Canada and others.

The church is said to attract around 15 million members around this time of the year.

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