Two life sentences for Philip Mailula charged with rape and murder of a 9 years old

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Mbokola Magistrates Court heard the bad ordeal about how the 9 Bawinile Khoza met her fateful day where she was brutally strangled to death after being raped by Philip Mbokola.

The incident occurred on December 9, 2017 at around 23:30pm when the 27 years old dragged Khoza to the nearby bush where he raped her while she was screaming for help.

In an attempt to silence her he put his hands on her mouth and later on strangled her.

The accused then returned back to his residential place and did not get peace, became scared and went to report the incident at the local prophetess who alerted the Police. The body was found on Monday by the passerby who reported to the Police and the deceased sustained visible injuries, the court heard.

Khoza family identified Bawinile and also confirmed that she went missing on Saturday the 09th December 2017 and were planning to report the missing person case.

Mailula was arrested after DNA samples confirmation in 2018 and released on bail, but failed to appear in the trial court where a warrant of arrest was issued on 2019-07-30 by Mkobola Magistrate Court and rearrested again on the 02nd December 2019.

It was only on 14 September 2020 where Mailula confessed in front of Presiding Judge Thando Mankge who handed a two life sentence to him. He was found guilty on both charges of murder and rape.

Passing down the judgement Judge Mankge said this sentence must send a strong message to the public and serve as deterrent to other criminals intending to commit a similar offer especially at this time when the country fight GBV.

“The country cannot be free unless children are free” she added.

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Mmametlhake’s Lt Col Seloana welcomed the judgement and applauded the team effort that led to the finalisation of the case.

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