SA Backs Madagascar with Covid-19 Cure Testing

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While scientists and countries around the world are still battling to come up with a vaccine for Covid-19, various African leaders and countries have rallied behind Madagascar with their plan of vaccine they have recommended.

The country announced earlier this month that they think the potion they have recommended could help many people on how to best tackle this pandemic.

Their recommendation however, could not be without any criticism where some health experts and scientists say that this could be risky and they won’t advice people to try it without any scientific backing that it could work.

World Health Organization (WHO) also spoke against the potion saying they would rather have it first scientifically proven.

The organization pleaded with Madagascar to rather have it first clinically tested before they could any further and has advised against countries using anything untested for safety or efficacy.

While The Africa Centre for Disease Control said that it was studying the potion, South Africa has since been one of the countries taking a step in helping the country to test this potion.

Tanzania have already received their potion from the country for testing.

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