R4 Rifle Weapons that Were Stolen in Tshwane Military Base Found in Hammanskraal

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19 Military weapons automatic R4 rifles that were reported stolen earlier this week in Tshwane have been recovered.

The act is suspected to being an inside job according to reports that have recently resurfaced.

Military officials and guards that were on duty have been taken for questioning pending further investigations. It is also said that the weapons were discovered on the next day that they were reported missing.

They were discovered in a house in Hammanskraal.

Speaking to the SABC News, National Defence Union Secretary, Pikkie Greef the matter is being investigated and they hope to get to the bottom of this.

“The weapons have been recovered. It does rather disturbingly seem to be an inside job. The person in charge of the keys of the safe, the officer on duty and so on would be suspects in this case. They were found in Hammanskraal on the next morning of the theft. So four officers have been arrested and taken in for questioning, 19 guards have been taken in for questioning” he said.

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