Professional football set to resume in August

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South African Football Association (SAFA) has announced that football activities are set to resume on August 1st.

This follows a thorough discussion that occurred between the local soccer and the Premiere Soccer League (PSL) earlier this month.

SAFA also said on Friday that it had its first group of match officials camping at a Johannesburg hotel in anticipation of the resumption of professional football. Officials went through the camp to for Covid-19 testing.

The next group is expected to arrive next week and will also be tested and complete the pool required for the remainder of the season.

SAFA chief medical officer, Dr Thulani Ngwenya said he is happy with the COVID-19 safety compliance measures at the hotel as well as the condition of the officials he has seen.

He added that the Association is now awaiting the match schedule from the PSL in order to process their appointment for the respective matches.

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