Here is What is Expected from the Employer before Employees Return to Work under Level 3 Lockdown

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At the time where many jobs are at risk of fading away, Department of Employment and Labour say building up to level 3 of the lockdown employers need to make sure that the working environment is safe enough for people to come back to work.

During announcement of level 3 lockdown by President Matamela Ramaphosa, he also said that certain industries will be allowed to resume for work but under strict measures to ensure safety of employees to avoid spreading of the virus.

Here is a list of obligations expected from the employer in level 3:

  • Employees have a right to refuse to work if they have a reasonable believe that the necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 were not followed.
  • Employers may not deduct the cost of Covid-19 precautions from employees’ wages or require them to pay for these.
  • Ensure the correct number of employees return.
  • Ensure that the office space and factory floors are in the desirable state.
  • Ensure that cleanliness & hygiene are top of mind with workplaces having been deep-cleaned & vehicles disinfected.
  • Appoint a Covid-19 compliance officer
  • Undertake a risk assessment of the workplace and develop a plan for the return to work.
  • This must be done before re-opening their businesses in consultation with representative trade unions and health & safety committees.
  • Workers who have had close contact involving a high risk of transmission with worker/s diagnosed with Covid-19 must be placed on 14 days quarantine with paid sick leave
  • All persons must wear masks in the workplace and that each employee must be given free of charge at least two masks.

For updates on Covid-19 in South Africa visit or send hi to the WhatsApp line 0600 123 456.

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