DCJ Zondo issues summons for Mr Zuma to appear before State Capture Commission

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Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Chair Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) Raymond Zondo is not moved by former President Jacob Zuma’s threats to rebel against his chairing.

This follows allegations made by former president that Judge Zondo has already chosen a side and made up his mind that Mr Zuma is guilty of allegations of corruption made against him.

Mr Zuma said through his foundation that the manner in which he has been vilified and victimised by the chair through media is concerning and makes him feel attacked by the commission through the media. He said he is being treated like someone who is already found guilty of committing a crime.

Mr Zuma then, through his legal team said they will be filing for an application to have DCJ Zondo recuse himself when he appears or he will not appear.

Deputy Chief Justice Zondo however decided to not respond and instead issue summons for Mr Zuma to appear before the commission in November saying that he has been too understanding and the commission needs to reach a finalisation.

“Having read affidavits before me, I’m satisfied that this is a matter in which I should grant the application. I am satisfied a proper case has been made out authorising the issuing of summons against Mr Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma to appear before the commission at 10am on the 16th to the 20th of November 2020 in this venue on each of those days,” Zondo said.

Zondo directed the commission to sign and issue a summons requiring Zuma to appear and to include in the summons that if the former president wished to tender evidence virtually, he would be allowed to do so.

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Mr Zuma failed to appear before the commission for the second time citing medical reasons and asked for a postponement.

He later on told the commission that he would not be able to appear before it because he was preparing for his criminal trial, DCJ Zondo however dismissed this submission saying that was just an excuse for Mr Zuma not to appear before the commission.

DCJ Zondo has accused Mr Zuma of unwilling to cooperate with the Commission after engaging with him nicely on several occasions through his legal team. He added that Mr Zuma can still give his testimony to the Commission via video link of he wishes.

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