68 Years Old Woman Survives after Being Raped and Thrown into the Dam

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68 years old woman survives a gruesome rape and attempted murder ordeal by a 27 years old man who is known to her.

The incident happened at Waaikraal informal settlement on March 7 where the old woman said she heard noise of someone attempting to brake into her house.

She managed to identify the suspect after attending to the noise at the door where the suspect forced entry and began assaulting the woman after gaining entry.

He then pulled her to the nearby bush where he forced himself on her, raped and strangled her until she became unconscious. Thinking she was dead, he then threw her in the nearby dam where she gained her conscious and crawled back to the community to seek help from the community.

The community gathered and also called on police to inform them about the incident.

Whilst the police were conducting an investigation into the case, they received a message that the man had been found by members of the community and was being assaulted. Police rushed to the second scene and rescued the man as well as arresting him. He was taken to hospital for medical assistance thereafter and put under police guard. 

He is still under police custody after making a brief appearance at Delmas Magistrates Court.

Mpumalanga Police Commissioner Lt Gen Zuma says he would be happy if the suspect gets maximum sentence behind bars and they will be making thorough investigations to strengthen their case.

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