[Watch] A Man Snatches a Toddler from a Shopping Trolley

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Festive season are known to be opportunistic time/moments for certain people involved in criminal elements.

A showing a toddler been taken from a shopping trolley has been virally circulating online which left many other people furious and some questioning the guardian for not paying attention.

In a video it shows a man who is said to be in his twenties being friendly with the toddler while the grandmother was talking with the cashier and then reached out his hands to pick the toddler.

That is when he left the shop and then grandmother is seen packing and going out the shop and came back with the toddler.

The police the man was arrested after a case was opened against him.

SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Jay Naicker said the 2-year-old boy had been out with his grandmother when he was snatched from the shopping trolley.

“The man was dressed in a security guard’s uniform. When the woman realised that the child had been taken, she rushed to alert mall security. She spotted the man walking into a shop,” he said.

Police have further pleaded with people to be more vigilant at all times and pay attention to their surroundings.

Watch the video below.

A man snatches a toddler from a shopping trolley.

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