A Man Commits Suicide Before Shooting and Killing a Woman at Killarney Mall

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A man commits suicide before shooting and killing a woman believed to be his girlfriend at Killarney mall.

The incident happened in the late afternoon hours of Tuesday where the deceased woman was working.

Police spokesperson Mmathapelo Peters told another media house that the man who committed this act showed up to the woman’s work area showing no suspicion of a person who appeared to be furious according to a statement.

Police Spokesperson, Mathapelo Peters also said that preliminary reports from the scene reveal that a man, whose age is estimated between 40 and 45, walked into a shoe-and-bag store at the mall where there were two employees.

He introduced himself to the one employee and then requested to speak in private to the second employee whom he had claimed was his wife. The man and woman allegedly then moved to a private space and within no time gunshots were heard.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and declared both the 35-year old woman and the man dead.

The incident is suspected to be another statistic of a domestic dispute.

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