UKZN gets Rid of Students who have Been Studying 3 Years Degree for 8 Years

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University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) has announced earlier today through a statement that they have decided to get rid of students who have been at the institution for eight years studying a three year degree.

“The university recently removed some 2,000 individuals who have been ‘professional students’ on three-year degrees for eight years or more without paying fees and routinely holding the institution to ransom through unrest for personal concessions” they said.

The university saw one of its auditoriums up in flames last night, Wednesday, to which they say matter is now in the hands of the Police who are now investigating a case of arson.

The building which was seen going up in flames said to have added to R 31million worth of damages that the university is already faced with following student protests.

They say will leave stone unturned and they will sure that whoever is responsible pays.

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