Police Launch Manhunt for former SBV Guards who Escaped Police Custody

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Cash-in-transit former security guards who were arrested in connection with heist have escaped police custody on their way to court.

The SBV cash-in-transit security guards who had applied for “sick leave” at the time of this crime, and were later arrested while robbing a Fidelity cash truck in Whittlesea in 2018, escaped from police custody with a third accomplice and another prisoner.

Odwa Siqanqalala, 28, and Lundi Mzimkhulu, 31, together with Mzimkhulu’s twin brother Mzuvukile, who also worked as a security guard for Komga Alarms in Komga escaped.

They were joined by Mbeko Sturmaan 33, who was not part of the initial crime but is facing rape charges.

The three were arrested in November 2018 after an exchange with the Fidelity guards while they were loading cash into an ATM in Whittlesea.

These suspects allegedly used an R5 assault rifle and a 9mm Parabellum to disarm a security guard of his R5 rifle before taking cash from the guards, which they later dumped during the gunfight in 2018.

It is said that they took warders guns and ran off with their vehicle which they later abandoned.

Police have launched a manhunt and urge community members to not engage with them as they armed and could pose danger to anyone.

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