Two Men Found Dead In A Farm in Mpumalanga

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Mpumalanga Police saddened by the brutal killing of two men in Witbank who were found at a farm.

It is said according reports by police that a information was received in the early hours of the morning from a concerned family member who informed them that his 24-year-old brother, called him alleging that he had been shot and was hiding in the bush at a farm nearby.

Upon investigating based on the given information, police later on found the deceased brother Emmanuel Mashengwane’s body with another victim on top of him also with gunshot wound.

A case has been opened and Commissioner Lt Gen Mondli Zuma appeals to anyone with information to approach the law enforcement agency.

He further on expressed his sadness on the killing of these young men.

“I am very disturbed by the senseless killing of the two men and as such have ordered for the search of the suspects. No one has the right to take someone’s life, those responsible for this callous act will face the full might of the law,” said General Zuma.

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