The Effects of Covid-19 on Sports Worldwide

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The three months old outbreak of Coronavirus, Covid-19 which was recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Orginsation (WHO), has caught the world by a surprise almost as lethal as the Ebola outbreak years ago.

The spread is slowly spreading out of control with infections increasing daily worldwide forcing countries to close their borders and ban travelling to and from certain countries more especially European countries.

About 7 500 deaths have been reported because of the disease and 184 000 reported infections. Italy has recorded 345 deaths in just 24 hours bringing their total death to 2 503 because of the disease.

How Covid-19 Affected Sports Worldwide

Various major sports leagues had to be suspended worldwide to exercise precautionary measures in fear of the possibilities of the disease spreading further.

South African Football Association (SAFA) announced recently that all soccer games had to be banned in response to the call by President Matamela Ramaphosa calling on people to being responsible.

In a short pressing briefing, President also announced a ban of more than 100 people gathering in one place at a time.

English Premier League (EPL) also announced their ban last week until further notice.

This also saw a recent announcement that was made Comrade Marathon that was supposed to take place in few weeks to come that they activity was postponed until further notice. The move was also supported by the Minister of Sport, Arts & Culture Nathi Mthethwa.

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He said it was important for the organisers to recognise the President’s call and safety of the people. The marathon attracts people nation-wide and across the world.

The suspension sporting leagues includes FA Super League, Hungarian Football Association all Indonesian sports leagues, just to name few.

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