State Capture Chair DCJ Zondo responds to allegations of being bias towards former President Zuma

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The battle between Former President Jacob Zuma and Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Chair Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) Raymond Zondo seems to be gaining momentum after the response from DCJ.

Former President Zuma wrote a letter to the commission last month through his legal team saying that he believes that DCJ Zondo was biased towards based on their historical family relations.

In the letter he also said they will be making an application for the chair to recuse himself when he comes to give his testimony. Mr Zuma accused DCJ of using his personal views and differences between them to settle a score.

DCJ responded to former president’s claims on Thursday, revealing that he did have some kind of relations with the former President even though it is not immediate.

He said that he has a child with the sister of former first lady, Thobeka Madiba, who was born about 25 years ago.

DCJ Raymond Zondo said that he began a relationship with the sister of Thobeka Madiba, who married Zuma many years later.

“In the mid 1990s – this is about 25 years ago I was in my 30s and I was still in private practice as a lawyer. I got into a relationship with a certain woman out of which a child was born. That relationship ended in the 1990s. Unknown to anybody at that time, the woman’s sister Ms Thobeka Madiba, was, many years after that relationship had ended to get married to Mr Zuma. To my knowledge Mr Jacob Zuma had no relationship with Ms Thobeka Madiba in the 1990s” said Zondo in a statement.

DCJ Zondo said he decided to reply to Mr Zuma’s letter because it has been a month since the letter was written to the commission and he was still waiting for an application for recusal.

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