SONA Debate turns into Chaos as MPs Get Personal

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SONA debate was turned into chaos earlier as Members of Parliament (MPs) starting attacking each other personally instead of debating the matter on the table.

The brawl during the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week when they the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) disrupted the sitting with countless point of orders.

During the disruption African National Congress (ANC) MP Boy Mamabolo made allegations about the EFF leader Julius Malema of abusing his wife.

The allegations were made again by the same member today. Mamabolo deviated from the debate and made allegations about Mr Malema again.

“If the matter is true, are you going to apologise? If you are not going to apologise, then you must be held responsible. So now, the question to you is that, are you abusing your wife?” Mamabolo said.

Mr Malema later responded on the question that he has never in his life laid a hand on any of his former lovers and his wife. He continued to tell the MP that they shouldn’t have brought the matter to table because he knows a lot about them and their leaders more than they think.

He then said they should rather look inside because their leader (President Ramaphosa) was accused of abusing his former late wife.

Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) ordered Mr Malema to withdraw to which he refused and was asked to leave the house.

In his closing reply Mr Malema said Mr Mamabolo will regret making false allegations saying he is taking him to court and will pay R 1 million worth of damages to his reputation.

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Freedom Front Plus (FF+) Member Pieter Groenewald said before reading his speech that the brawl that happened in parliament today showed that Ramaphosa is failing to lead the country same way he is failing to control his MPs.

“This thing was started by your member and it is not rocket to anticipate how it will turnout. Your member started this fight and Mr Malema retaliated” said Groenewald.

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