ANCYL Defends Ramaphosa after Malema Calls him a Bastard

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ANC Youth League defends their President Matamela Ramaphosa and say they are disgusted by the utterances made by EFF leader Julius Malema during anti-racism march in Tshane on Monday.

The match was sparked by a global anti-racism march worldwide following a killing of an African American man George Floyd who was killed by the police.

During the briefing in Tshwane at the US embassy, Malema called President Ramaphosa a bastard and said he should be ashamed and not be the one to champion #BlackLivesMatter after killing protesters at Marikana.

The youth league said Malema lost an opportunity to address a global issue and failed to remain relevant.

“Malema is known for exhibiting plethora of thuggery and his ill-mannered gimmicks disguised as revolutionary will never fool South Africans” said the youth league.

Malema instead replied in his tweet on Tuesday that Ramaphosa is a bastard and no one will do anything.

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