President Ramaphosa calls on the nation to remain calm and work together to flatten the curve of Covid-19

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President Matamela Ramaphosa has pleaded with the nation to not lose focus on minimizing the spread of Covid-19 infections.

He said this through a statement he released on the Covid-19 response update.

“As with many other countries across the world, we need to continually adjust the measures we take to prevent new outbreaks or to safeguard our health system.”

“We have already seen, for example, that the suspension of alcohol sales has significantly reduced the trauma cases in our health facilities. While these changes can be disruptive to people’s lives and to the economy, it is necessary that we adapt to the changing path of the disease.”

He also pleaded with citizens to practice basic hygiene steps in making sure the spread is totally eradicated by keeping the 2 meters social distancing, wearing a mask properly and sanitising as often as possible.

“I call on every South African to remain strong and steadfast in these most difficult times.”

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