Police Launch Manhunt for Suspect who Killed his Ex-girlfriend and her Boyfriend

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Police launch a manhunt for a 47 years old man who murdered his ex girlfriend and boyfriend in the early morning hours of Saturday around 01:00am at Dinokana Village near Lehurutshe.

It is said that the suspect made his way to this house where his ex-girlfriend and the boyfriend stays and asked to be housed for the night because he doesn’t anywhere to go.

Police say the suspect was then allegedly given a room outside the house where he could lay his head for night around 20:30pm.

“He allegedly broke the door with a spade, gained entrance and assaulted them with the same spade he used to break the door and thereafter fled the scene on foot. It was later established that a 42-year-old boyfriend, Pogiso Molefe died at the scene while the 45-year-old Kgakgamatso Molefi was rushed to a local hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries” said police.

The suspect is still on the run and police are asking for anyone who might have knowledge of his whereabouts to alert the police.

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