Newborn Baby Fathers now Eligible for Paternity Leave

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Victory for fathers of new born baby who have been fighting for a right to paternity leave for a while now. The debate around bill have been going on for a while with participations from trade union and several individuals.

It has now become a law that parents will be entitled to take 10 days of parental leave once a calendar year.

The privilege was only enjoyed by new born baby mothers in the past, now all parents will have the courtesy of benefiting equally.

Women have the right to four months of maternity leave with remuneration provisions covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

“In terms of the Labour Laws Amendment Act, an employee will be entitled to 10 days parental leave upon the birth of the employee’s child. Parental leave may also be applicable in circumstances where an employee legally adopts a child or when a child is placed by a court in the care of a prospective adoptive parent” said Dept of Labour Guide.

Read more about the act on this link.

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