Mmametlhake Hospital gets Fumigated after Two Confirmed Cases

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Following confirmed cases of two Covid-19 positive doctors, some Moretele 2 residents have been on a panic mode asking if they safe or not from the disease at the hospital.

The cases were confirmed a week ago where one doctor infected the other one not knowing that they were carriers of the disease. Mpumalanga Health Department said they now both recovering in self-quarantine.

Heeding to the call of safety first, we learned from our reliable source that the hospital was fumigated this past weekend.

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One thought on “Mmametlhake Hospital gets Fumigated after Two Confirmed Cases

  • April 6, 2020 at 17:30

    What will happen to the staff and patients that interacted with the doctors. The staff has not yet being notified or tested, let alone the patient who visited the hospital between The month of February and March, is there any action that is going to be carried out. I think you are to quite about this serious issue.

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