Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize and Wife tests positive of Covid-19

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As South Africa continues to battle the global pandemic, we have now surpassed 702K mark of positive Covid-19 cases, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize and his wife Dr May Mkhize have also tested positive of the virus.

Minister Mkhize confirmed this late Sunday night saying they decided to go test on Saturday after showing mild symptoms of the virus.

“I was feeling abnormally exhausted and as the day progressed, I started losing appetite. My wife had a cough, was dizzy and extremely exhausted. Given her symptoms, the doctors advised that she must be admitted for observation and rehydration.”

“Our close contacts in the past week have been a few of our family members and some of my Health Ministry team. We have informed them and advised them to immediately isolate in their homes and be tested.”

“I am now in quarantine at home and both my wife and I remain optimistic that we will fully recover from this virus.”

Minister also urged people to keep on adhering to the basic of preventing the virus, wearing mask at all times, sanitize and keep the social distance.

“As country, we’ve made significant strides in our fight against this pandemic. Let us not dare regress. Whatever we do and wherever we go, we have to keep in mind that there remains a risk of a second wave. This virus only spreads through movement and contact of people. Therefore we must all play our part. We must protect ourselves and those we love” he said.

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