“He used her stethoscope to see if she was still alive after strangling her”

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Limpopo High Court heard arguments and testimonies of the alleged killer of the intern doctor Shongile Pretty Nkhwashu who’s decomposed body was found on her bed after an unpleasant smell that had been emanating from her locked room.

Deceased Shongile Pretty Nkhwashu

It is alleged that her former boyfriend Ntiyiso Xilumane who is also a number one suspect on this matter used her stethoscope to see if she was dead or still alive after strangling her to death.

Their squabble which led to her gruesome death emanated from the alleged interference of Nkwashu’s father into their relationship, the court heard.

The couple also had a son and were both medical students.

Nkwashu’s father told the court how Xilumane used to assault her on multiple occasions that he had to interfere in an attempt to safe his daughter.

He also alleged that at some point there were threats that were also directed to him. He added that his daughter used to also send him her pictures full of bruises from multiple assaults.

The court case continues on Tuesday.

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