Body of Woman who was Reported Missing Found Strangled

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Police have reported a discovery of a corpse of a 51 years old woman who was last reported missing earlier this week in Qumbu.

Former Eastern Cape legislator Nosipho Sidabuka-Jombile was reported missing after being involved in a hijacking while she was driving with her 22 years old son when a car flagged them to stop on the road they were driving on. One of the man from the car that had stopped them approached them on pretence of asking for a direction.

The other man then grabbed the keys from the ignition while the other was talking to the son on the passenger seat that is when the scuffle broke between the son and the attacker.

Another man then emerged from the car they had been driving to help them fight the victims.

Reports also allege that shots were also fired during the scuffle where one hit the woman and she was then pulled out of the car, in an attempt to help his mother the 22 years old was struck on the head with a gun.

The 51 Sidabuka-Jombile years old was then dragged to the perpetrators car and fled the scene.

She was later found by kids abandoned in a veld with a gun shot and strangled.

Police have opened a murder case and asking anyone who might any information on the case to contact police.

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