Gauteng Records Highest Number of Arrests On First Day Lock Down

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Police Minister Bheki Cele confirmed a number of 55 people who were arrested already on the day one 1 of 21 days lock down in South Africa.

Terms that were announced by President Ramaphosa earlier this week said that people are not to play or walk on the streets unless they are essential work employees going to work.

They, also have to carry a permit showing who they are, what they do, their employers name and their work address.

Public transport is only allowed to move on the streets between 5am & 9am and later on between 16:00pm & 20:00pm, failure to do so people will be arrested.

Minister Cele said that only people who were not following the rules were arrested.

“These people are people who do not have goodwill, who were doing exactly what they were told not to do”, said Cele.  

He said some of them were just walking on the streets while some had street bashes.

Gauteng had the highest number of arrests on the first day.

*Gauteng 20

*Limpopo 10

*North west 11

*Kwazulu Natal 7

*Free State 5

*Western Cape 2

He also said that no one will be nursed if they don’t abide by the lock down rules.

He confirmed a number of 172 roadblocks and 24000 military personnel who were deployed including metro and other enforcers across the country in the first day of the 21-day nationwide lockdown.

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