Emergency Water Tanks Sent out to Rural Areas and Informal Settlements

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The out brake of the pandemic covid-19 has brought back politics in the debates where the leading political party, African National Congress (ANC) finds itself yet again in the firing line.

During various reports of number of confirmed cases of the virus, there were some instances where people who were confirmed to be positive opted virus self quarantined. Various people where of the view that it is only the elite who can afford to do that the poor of the poorest cannot afford to take such risk.

With people being ordered to wash their hands more regularly, questions were asked on how possible could that be whereas some rural areas in our country, particularly Limpopo are still struggling with clean water.

The call also for people to gather in the groups of less than 100 seems almost impossible taking into consideration a number of people who use trains on daily basis and how they get packed in coaches.

The call for basic hygiene of hand washing grabbed the attention of water and sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

Minister Sisulu has instructed her department to ensure that rural areas and informal settlements were provided with water tanks and standpipes to increase access to water for residents.

“The department will also provide water tanks and sanitizers in public spaces including taxi ranks, train and bus stations, and other areas where people congregate” said the minister.

Minister said this intervention is also in support of the measures which have been put in place to minimise and curb the spread of the virus.

She has also urged people to practice basic hygiene and wash their hands more often.

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