From 34 357 to 503 290 Covid-19 cases in just two months

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As World Health Organisation (WHO) has said on several occasions that countries and the world at large needs to accept the new norms and learn how to coexist alongside Covid-19 as various scientists are still working on finding a vaccine.

Experts have also come out saying millions and millions of lives are going to be lost before a vaccine can be discovered and people have to be psychologically prepared for losses.

Considering the strain that healthcare facilities are facing in Africa, South Africa cannot be spared also as we have seen cases going up from 34 357 to 503 290 just two months and 705 deaths to 8 153 in just two months.

This according to National Institute for Communicable Disease’s (NICD).

Stats also show how Gauteng and the Western Cape have been alternating in becoming epicenters with thousands of cases apart.

Premiers of both provinces, Gauteng and the Western Cape have also once tested positive for the virus at some point.

Watch full stats below:

Case Data

ProvinceTotal cases for 31 May 2020Percentage total
Eastern Cape411112,0
Free State2850,8
North West1870,5
Northern Cape820,2
Western Cape2256765,7
Source: NICD

Case Data

ProvinceTotal cases for 1 Aug 2020Percentage total
Eastern Cape78 78215,7
Free State22 3084,4
Gauteng178 11935,4
KwaZulu-Natal79 60715,8
Limpopo8 8791,8
Mpumalanga14 6812,9
North West19 7143,9
Northern Cape4 9611,0
Western Cape96 18919,3
Total503 290100,0
Source: NICD
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