Fifth suspect involved in kidnapping and house robbery in Siyabuswa arrested

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Police say four suspects who were arrested late this weekend on charges of kidnapping, unlawful possession of firearm and house robbery in Siyabuswa could possibly be linked to other criminal acts.

It is said according to the police that the said men aged between 21 and 50 stormed into a house heavily armed at Siyabuswa belonging to a local business man where they found children aged 11 & 14 and stole certain property together with an undisclosed amount of money, and also used the family’s Nissan Livina as a getaway vehicle.

Officials managed to conduct investigations after learning about the matter where they later on discovered that the getaway vehicle was abandoned not far from the house but the children were taken still, using another car and were held hostage at a house in Limpopo.

They later on called the parents and demanded ransom for the release of the children.

Further investigations then ensued consisting of different formations within the police which led to the location where the said suspects held these children hostage.

They were found in possession of firearm and stolen property upon their arrest. Their Hyundai Elantra getaway was also confiscated.

Mpumalanga Police Commissioner Lt Gen Mondli Zuma said he is happy about the safe return of the children and thanked selfless act of the police.

The fifth 34 years old suspect was arrested at Hlogotlou in Limpopo last night.

They are due to appear in Mdutjana Magistrates Court on September 22.

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