EFF Not Backing Down on the Plan to Disrupt SONA

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) not backing down on their plan to disrupt President matamela Ramaphosa today in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) today in parliament.

The party said the president will get the same treatment they gave to former president Jacob Zuma during his tenure if he doesn’t listen to their demands.

Speaking a press briefing this past weekend the party’s leader Julius Sello Malema said Ramaphosa will not get peace in parliament for as long as Pravin Gordhan is still Minister of Public Enterprises. They have accused him of being law unto himself and doing as he pleases.

“Our country is going down and our assets, SOE’s and SOC’s are collapsing under Gordhan. It seems like the man is law unto himself and he seems to be untouchable because everyone is scared of him” he said.

In a brief interview today with another media house, the party’s new spokesperson Vuyani Pambo said they are not backing down and they are fulfilling the mandate they were given by their voters and supporters, to hold those in office accountable.

They said there is nothing special with this SONA because they think Ramaphosa has the plan to get our country out the mess itself in. increased levels of unemployment and corruption.

“There is nothing special that we are going to miss in his speech”

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