Dr J.S Moroka Local Municipality Placed Under Administration

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Photo: Dr J.S Moroka Mayor Thulare Madileng

For the past years the Auditor General has filed reports about various municipalities that have been wasting money in rather dodgy dealings, maladministration and wasteful expenditure.

One among many other municipalities that have been marred by alleged corruption is the Dr J.S Moroka Local Municipality in Mpumalanga.

The municipality found itself being met with service delivery protests mid-last year where community members were calling for the axing of the municipal mayor Mr Thulare Madileng accusing him of corruption and incompetency.

In turn he also found himself in a fight between him and the municipal manager Thami Kubheka, accusing each other being corrupt. The fight between the two compromised service delivery in the municipality.

This led to recent announcement in a special council sitting for clarification of Section 139 intervention where the provincial government is empowered to intervene in the operations of the municipality where the municipality find itself being unable to fulfill its duties. But this does not suspend any operations.

It only means duties/any council sittings will have to go through administer first then speaker of the council.

Opposition parties in the municipality and community members say they welcome the decision and it is long overdue. They say they hope this intervention will hopefully help bring those who are found to be corrupt to book and service delivery could continue smoothly.

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