DA says Dr JS Moroka Mayor Thulare Madileng’s resignation was long overdue

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Mpumalanga say the resignation of Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality Executive Mayor Thulare Madileng was long overdue after running the municipality to its knees and right in the hands of an administrator within less than 4 years of his reign.

Mr Madileng resigned with immediate effect on Thursday just as the municipality was in its 9th month under provincial administration having being marred with service delivery protests.

The municipality was brought down to its knees mid 2019 having had a build up prior to the complete shut down with citizens within the municipality accusing the mayor and leading party within the municipality of corruption.

The DA say the maladministration and poor governance within the municipality should be solely be blamed on the ANC for their infighting which beared negative impact on the citizens and service delivery.

Former mayor Madileng was accused of shielding corruption within the municipality after suspending the municipal manager Thami Kubheka who was allegedly against dubious entertainment tender worth R 4,5million among others.

But Mr Madileng said the allegations were just a smoke.

The suspension saw residents and some councillors taking to the streets calling for reinstatement of the municipal manager and axing of the mayor.

“Water scarcity is an immense issue in the municipality but the leadership of the ANC is only concentrating on fighting each other so they can loot the municipality dry while neglecting issues of service delivery” said the DA.

They added that this is just a step into the right direction but the ultimate victory is to completely vote the ANC out of government to stop the abuse of state funds.

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Madileng came into office in September 2017.

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