DBE: “You can keep your child at home if you are not ready for them to go back to school”

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The decision by the Basic Education to reopen schools for grade 7s and grade 12s has left bad taste in lot of people’s mouths as some felt that the department is not ready.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced in the late evening hours of Tuesday that it was after thorough discussion with stakeholders and the Covid-19 Command Team that they came to this decision.

When asked if the department is certain whether proper measures will be followed the minister said they are not working alone they are also in partnership with health department both nationally and provincially.

She also added that she cannot guarantee that no learner might catch the virus.

“Guaranteeing [whether or not] people are safe, is a very difficult one. We are doing everything in our power to protect everyone,” said the minister.

When one of the parents asked if they can withhold their child from coming back the minister said no child is forced to come back to school.

“If as parents you are anxious that is understandable. You can keep your child at home but you have to register to home school them”

“People are anxious and they have the right to feel that way but what more can we do because we can’t just stand and wait” she said.

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