Boy Mamabolo Apologises to Malema Family and says GBV Claims Based on Hearsay

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African National Congress (ANC) MP Boy Mamabolo apologises to Julius and Mantoa Malema after saying on several occasions that he will not apologise.

His apology followed the reprimanding of his action by politicising Gender Based Violence (GBV) by President Matamela Ramaphosa during SONA reply yesterday.

President started by apologising to the Malema family and said it was uncalled for an unnecessary. Mr Malema also apologised late last night.

In his statement of apology, Boy Mamabolo indicated that his utterances were based on gossip that was conveyed to him via WhatsApp.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologise and retract the insensitive statements that I have made in Parliament and outside regarding gender-based violence which was allegedly happening in your household. My question to Mr Malema in terms of rule 14L (a) of the joint sitting was influenced by the SMS’s and WhatsApp messages that I received from the so-called ‘Mantoa’s friends,” Mamabolo said in a statement on Facebook.

He said he was wrong to have raised the matter in public without having to talk or consult with Mr Malema.

“Members of Parliament are supposed to be the epitome of respect for gender equality and champions of gender oppression free society. I humbly request you to accept my sincere apology, I wish you a happy Malema family (as I’ve always did) jealous must never break you, stay strong my comrades,” Mamabolo said.

He said he has sent his apology to Speaker of Parliament and his Chief Whip.

Mamabolo first published this apology on his Facebook account and later on deleted it.

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