ATM calls on Public Protector to investigate Ramaphosa regarding use of military jet by the ANC to Zimbabwe

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The African Transformation Movement (ATM) says they want the Public Protector to investigate President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the African National Congress (ANC) delegation trip to Zimbabwe using a military jet last week.

President Ramaphosa had requested Defence Minister Mapisa-Ngqakula to explain what happened and how did it come about that the party used the military jet.

Following the request, ATM says they are not surprised nor shocked by the president’s response towards the minister.

“It is in our view that by acting ignorant or surprised, Ramaphosa is actually insulting the intelligence of the nation and and scape-goating using Minister Mapisa-Ngqakula as a scape fall person particularly because he is on record announcing the Zimbabwe trip and its ANC NEC delegation.”

The party added that there is no way the President could say that he knew little or nothing about the logistics of the trip because he was part of the NEC that discussed the delegation and also who is to board on the trip using which mode of transport.

“Ramaphosa also chairs the NCCC and he recently announced the current level two which means our international boarders are closed except for goods. He therefore ought to have know that the delegation that had his blessings could not travel on commercial flights.”

They say that this is an abuse of state resources.

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