Assaulted with a hammer for confronting her partner about his infidelity

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42 years old Mme Maria Thobane from Phake says she is tired of her partner, Mishack Marema’s infidelity and being turned into a punching whenever she speaks out.

Just as the society and law enforcement agencies are still struggling to curb the scourge of gender based violence (GBV) in the country, Ms Thobane says she was slapped multiple times and beaten with a hammer on the head for asking about suspicious behavior from her partner.

The 42 years mother says Mishack got angry with her because she told him that she doesn’t like his cheating behavior and have been telling him on several occasions to change.

She then went on to pay him a visit at his place of work in Gauteng and also spend some time with him but found more evidence and confronted him but then left him behind when she came back home.

“He came home Saturday late afternoon, knocked on the door when we asked who it was he didn’t reply but we ended up opening. Upon entering he didn’t even greet us in the house.”

“He sat down and took out his phone to make a call, I was talking with my daughter at the time, that is when he started swearing at me saying I am making noise.”

“I went to our room and he got angry because I didn’t reply, he then followed me and started assaulting me and my daughter who is 3 months pregnant as she was trying to protect me.”

She says he then picked up a hammer after slapping and punching her multiple times. He allegedly beat her with the hammer on the head.


“He then stopped seeing that I was not fighting back, opened the door and told us leave his house.”

Marema was arrested later on after Thobane opened a case but was released on free bail by Mbibane Magistrates Court.

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They are due to again on September 23rd.

Thobane says she wants to see him behind bars because he has been abusing her physically for a long time, she is tired and doesn’t even support them financially.

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