A Woman and Husband Arrested for Attempted Kidnapping of Lesotho Boy

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A 39 years old woman was arrested together with her husband in Bloemfontein for an attempted kidnapping of a 12 years old boy from Lesotho.

It is said according statements by the police that the woman was spotted by a Lesotho motorist who were driving past the woman when they saw the young boy wearing a school uniform. They then asked her what business does she have that has anything to do with the boy, to which she could not reply.

Being suspicious of the lady, police were called and the boy was taken to a place of safety and the case taken over by Bloemfontein Serious Organised Crime Investigation Team.

The boy who schools at a local school in Mafeteng Lesotho, was on his way to visit his aunt in Bloemfontein when he met the 39 years old Maria Thato Ramona who told him that she was on his way to Bloemfontein also and also paid for the young boy’s taxi fare.

She also helped the boy to cross the border illegally.

A day later, on the 14th of February a man who introduced himself as the husband to the suspect made contact to investigating officer and offered to pay the charges against his wife to be dropped.

On Monday a woman who alleged to have been sent by the husband attempted to give the investigator R 2000.00. She was arrested together with another woman who was accompanying her and had their cell phones seized.

The husband was arrested and set to make their appearances on February 20 while Ramona will appear again in Weepener District Court.

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