30 Years Old Mother and Boyfriend Confesses to Killing their 1 Year Old Daughter in Mpumalanga

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A young couple, 30-year-old Keletso Maimela and her 28-year-old boyfriend, Fannie Pholoane remains in police custody after making brief appearance at Mashishing Magistrate’s Court for allegedly killing a defenceless daughter of Keletso.

This incident happened late last year in September in Mpumalanga, where the mother, Keletso had just moved in with his boyfriend at his home after leaving her other two children with mother.

The couple orchestrated a plan where they were driving on Lydenburg road. The boyfriend then suddenly stopped and took a bucket where he poured water and the mother put the 1 year old toddlers head inside and the boyfriend held her legs.

Choking her to death.

It is said according information by the police that the tiny body was put in a bag and thrown in the bushes.

The two went back to their place of residence and continue with life as if nothing happened. Neighbours wondered when they could not see the baby girl for days and they (neighbours) even asked of her whereabouts, but the answer has always been that the child was attending crèche in Limpopo Province.

The couple kept quite until the mother took herself to Burgersfoort in Limpopo, suffering from guilt to report the matter.

They were arrested on 1 February and appeared on 3 February. Their case was postponed to 10 February for further investigations.

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